Charities we support

We are pleased to be able to support a range of charities both financially and in other ways.  Below is a list of our 'Charities of the Month' that we have supported in recent years. These are reviewed regularly and we welcome suggestions

Sutton Community Works
Sutton Community Works is a Christian charity of 15 churches in the London Borough of Sutton working together for the benefit of the community. Their aim is to encourage Christians and Churches to put their Faith into Action for the good of the wider community.  Initiatives include 'Street Pastors', 'School Pastors', 'Sutton Seniors', 'Sutton Foodbank' and 'Prayer for Sutton'.  They seek to be a voice to the council and other partners as they seek to engage churches and understand local needs and local priorities.  Find out more

Sutton Schoolswork
This is a schools-work charity who aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of the Christian Faith and support students in their spiritual and social development. Find out more          

The Children's Society
We support The Children's Society at our annual Christingle Serivce held at Christmas. Click here to find out more about the Christingle and the work of the charity.

Sutton Community Farm

Singing Sensations

Help for Heroes

The Bishop's Lent Appeal