Sutton Soup @ 7:30pm

Event Date: Thu 14th October 21
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Come along to Sutton Soup. 

Learn about local charities and good causes and play your part in raising money for them.  Meet new people and enjoy homemade soup served in hand made mugs crafted by a local potter.  Have a glass of wine at our pay bar.  It really is a fun and different evening out!

Sutton Soup - It's the sociable way of raising money for local good causes. 
You come along and pay £5 for a meal of homemade soup and bread. 
You get to hear four pitches from local people who need funding for a project that benefits
the Sutton community. You get to vote for the one you like best. 
The winner of the vote gets to keep ALL the money we take on the door
on the night.  That means your £5!  By coming together that £5 turns into hundreds
of pounds for the winner.